Kids Parties at O’Pazzo gives kids the firsthand experience of making their favorite dish, PIZZA!!:)

As they learn about our secret ingredients and handy tricks in making a TRUE O’Pazzo pizza, they also get to feed our hungry octopus oven with their creative hands!

When the rest of the kids are busy coloring Pinocchio and Beauty & Beast, 3-4 curious kids at a time, they follow the workshop pizza making in the guidance of our experienced pizza chefs. Once they are done, they get to enjoy their own unique creations under the magical silver coin tree! With a yummy bottle of biological juice or warm cup of hot chocolate with home-made cream, they become the happiest kids alive

Before we present them with their Official Pizza Baker Certificates, we make them even happier with 2 scoops of home-made ice cream with crunchy cookies!!

There is an upside for the grown-ups too… They get to relax!! If they can stop taking pictures that is..;)

Enjoy their glass of wine, take a good look at the menu with our amazing & healthy dishes to also spoil themselves with a chill afternoon since kids are busy and very happy!

High tea & high wine & beer at O’Pazzo in Rotterdam!

O’Pazzo presents exclusive high tea, high wine & beer arrangements from 2 persons!

What to expect from our high tea, high wine & beer?

For our high tea arrangement we are serving limitless tea/coffee and a rich selection of bites of mixed sweet and savoury creations, for €34,50 per 2 persons!

For our high wine & beer arrangement we are serving four (4) glasses of our award winning house wines OR four (4) glasses Jupiler/Peroni, and a rich selection of our delicious Italian starters, for €39,50 per 2 persons!

The days you can reserve are only from Tuesday to Friday and Sunday from 12:00 until 16:00!

Simply click on the button below and choose how you wish to contact us to reserve for these arrangements or to discuss your wishes to create your own, tailor made arrangement!


First hand told stories of exclusive wine’s for curious guests of O’Pazzo!

5 rounds of surprise wine & food pairing experiment!

Would you like to know more about it to organise your tailor-made wine & food experiment

then send us an e-mail to reserveringen@opazzo.nl.


A memorable day gotta have good food in it! Whether it is an informal family get together or super important company presentation, the only way to steal people’s hearts is going through their precious tummies!;) And we happen to be pretty good at being the perfect partner in crime to make it happen for you!

You tell us what you have in mind and what your budget is, together with the needs of your guests (vegetarian, vegan, lactose & gluten intolerant) and we organize a tailor made catering event that your guests will be talking about in a while.

We make everything from scratch with daily delivered, qualitative products to make your dreams come true! An amazing seafood buffet at a reception, vegetarian treats for your high wine at home or traditional Italian share brunch for Easter? Not only good food but also great wines and ideas for superlicious combinations. If needed our food loving staff will be there to give you a hand and to give your guests insight into curious stories of wines and dishes.

When you order 2 days in advance for 10 people or more, we will deliver! You are also very welcome to pick it up yourself. Just send us an e mail to reserveringen@opazzo.nl and find out all the possibilities!


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