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Jan Snoeyenbos/ Snoeyenbos Wijnimport
Snoeyenbos Wijnimport is founded in January 1991 and passed the Vinologenexam in 1993. From the first day the company philosophy was: Delivering top wines at middle class prices. From the start top restaurants with 1 or 2 Michelin stars were my customers. Buying great wines for a lot of money is easy, the challenge is to optimise the price-quality ratio, which was adapted quickly by top horeca businesses. In 1998 I received the challenge to make a wine menu for the top Italian O’Pazzo (to be opened in 1999); everything own import, lots of native grape varieties, so that the wine menu would be incomparable with the competition in offer and quality. Now, in 2018, we are at a stage where producers fill barrels selected by me, especially for O’Pazzo. That is why the red house wine Merlot has the same quality of wine with a doubled  price tag. These wines are delivered under the name Madman of Wine (www.madmanofwine.com). Madman stands for going the farthest mile to deliver top quality, no matter what the efforts and costs are. O’Pazzo will make a new step in Spring 2018: there will be a 5 course tasting menu on Monday the 7th of May, combined with the best and most exclusive wines, with explanations about its origins, creations and the food-wine pairings. Our goal for the future is to gather a significant number of followers and carry this special experience out every first Monday of the month. It is time to spread the word!